Springing In the New Year

Kicked the season off a couple of weeks ago. That’s the good news. Bad news is: been really windy, more so it seems than past couple of years. Maybe. Maybe not. In a kayak though it makes a difference. 

So, wind died yesterday and I was able to pre-fished one of my areas for a trip with Zach and Scott. 


Normally I’d have already been in there but have only had one or two small opportunities; whitecaps and kayaks don’t make for an enjoyable time.

We had one catch-and-release guy and one who will have plenty to eat. Zach was the “Trout Guy” today; Scott was Redfish Man today (except for one over-slot ‘Red Zach got). Several of ‘short’s [trout], some slotters – and three really good specks! Kept only one of those. 

Here’s a link to the YouTube video:

Get Out There!
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