SeaGrass Charters provides the following services:

NOTE: For kayak fishing each person is required to purchase a Florida fishing license (my Captain’s license unfortunately covers only passengers in the same boat as I am in). You can purchase at Half-Hitch tackle or Bluewater Outriggers in Port St. Joe. Licenses can also be purchased on line from the FWC at this link.

Rates Current as of April 2020

A discount is available if you have all of your own equipment (rod, reel, tackle, kayak, PFD, etc)

Charter Trips & Rates

TripRate 1/2 Day (4 Hours)
Light Tackle Fishing (Spin & Fly)$150 for first person, $50 for an additional person (max 2)
Scalloping & Snorkeling$80 per person, 1-2 persons
Eco-Tours, Sight-seeing, Birding$60 Per person, 1-2 persons

Best times of the year:

April-June or late September to Mid-November. July and August (and the middle of winter) not so much. July/August you HAVE to get out on the water before the sun comes up because after about 0900 it turns off. Night fishing’s pretty good however, though I like to live and let live. And I’m asleep anyway 🙂


You can reach Capt. Jeff at SeaGrass Charters by:

Phone: 850-899-4884
Where we are: Port St. Joe, Florida USA

*NOTE: I don’t always answer the phone immediately. Not trying to be rude but ever since my number has been up here I’ve gotten WAY more junk phone calls than I care to deal with. I’m getting better at ID’g the robo-callers, but, leave a voice message and a text message too. Thanks for understanding.