King Mackerel

Changing Gears

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Weather? Hot. Inshore bite? Cold. What to do?

The King’s (King Mackerel) have been in for a while so lets give that a go. Problem was, the winds were up. Even the bigger boats have been cancelling due to chunky seas. So I thought we’d take a peek outside (the bay) and give it a go, if possible.

We’d just rounded the tip of the cape when a 20-pounder sky-rockets on some bait. “Yup, they’re here”, I told them.

Was just rough enough that trolling seemed the better option; more boat control. However, after about an hour of draggin baits with no takers, I decided to drift-fish the same area. This has become my preferred method anyway (either with live or dead bait). I also added a slight twist to my tackle (I’m a tinkerer by nature I guess) – on only one rod. Interestingly enough, that rod caught all but one of our fish. Hmmm. More on this later…

Anyway, first drift and Matthew lands a nice one…

King Mackerel
King Mackerel – SeaGrass Charters

Then it was Dakota’s turn. Landing some stout Spanish Mackerel (and a shark to go with them), he was able to add some variety to the evening BBQ. Good work guys!

Spanish Mackerel
Spanish Mackerel SeaGrass Charters

We couldn’t work the area I wanted, due to high wind/waves, and I wasn’t going to bore them to death staring at corks & rod-tips for four hours trying to catch trout that aren’t cooperating (water’s too hot, bait to thick, or both – seems it will be this way for weeks). Sometimes you really have to take a chance on something different; work the ‘edges’ between techniques and conditions; in this case it was too rough to go very far but doable along the lee side of the structure.



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